Finding a Room to Rent that Accepts Vouchers

Anyone that has tried to find any kind of apartment in NYC knows it is an extremely daunting task. But trying to find a landlord that is willing to accept vouchers is almost impossible.

Why is that you ask ? Simply put, there are more people looking for housing that has vouchers then there are landlords willing to accept them. There in lies the problem.

How can you get over this hurdle if your voucher is about to expire ? Most people are looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment and very few people are looking for a room to rent. Because people prefer their privacy, sharing a living space is not a first choice for most. If your single with no children, renting a room is a great starting point.

Sharing a living space may not be ideal for everyone, but some time its a great temporary resolution. A few tips to finding a room to rent that accepts vouchers would be to communicate and work with your social worker.

As  a real estate agent I personally work very closely with different social workers to assist with finding potential tenants a place to stay.  Some people search different resources online such as craigslist to find a place to live.

Craigslist is one of, if not the largest online resource you can use for finding housing online. It defiantly wont be easy, however with some digging and being cautious when dealing with people online, you can find a space to call yours.